Love Yourself, Love Your Work.

There is a saying that ‘if you love the work that you do, it’s not work.’

How true! And when it comes to music, you have to love it in order to make any money with it.

When I was a child, my mother forced me to take piano lessons. I hated it. Practicing the piano seemed to always give me headache. And pain in my head grew worse whenever my music teacher told me to ‘count out loud.’

“1, 2 & 3 -4…” My eyes are starting to tear-up!

But once I matured a little, and discovered that I could get paid cash money for playing the piano, practicing ‘mysteriously’ became Fun! I actually sought professional help and soon counted the beats effortlessly…Hmmm…What happened to the headaches?

This was the age that I began to style my own hair in (different ways, I may add), and to wear make-up. I was somewhat popular, and enjoyed hanging out with other musicians. By this time, I actually liked myself more than I did when my mother combed my hair and forced me to go to the music class. Could liking myself have something to do with liking the musician that was becoming? I already knew music theory; now all I needed was more practice. I’d been taking lessons for so many years that I had “musician-friends.” Bottom line: I liked myself, I had friends who play music, and SURPRISE! I could earn money playing the piano!!

Practicing was not a struggle anymore, and with the increase in practice, I began to sound a lot better!

Loving yourself and loving what you do with your time go hand in hand. If you have a job that is stressful, find something that you LIKE to do that you can earn money doing…Find something that others need, that you can create.

Because if you love what you do, your sounds, your creations, your ideas, and your expressions will be memorable, and people will be willing to pay for what you have to offer.

So, get out there and start Falling In Love!


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