Standing Out in a Crowd Gets You Paid

Passion gets attention.

That being said, be passionate about whatever you are doing. This is the key to “selling yourself.” If you want to get noticed, if you want to sell a product, service and get paid for your talent,

Do It With Passion.

I know a Blues singer, who plays the guitar in New Orleans…another blues singer who plays the guitar in New Orleans. There must be at least a thousand of them.

But this young man, no older than 35 years old, sings the blues like he was born at the turn of LAST century! He has so much feeling and passion in his voice when when he sings, and he has a 7-string guitar that has been altered to increase the depth of its sound…that the sound he produces in his music grabs the listeners’ ears, and hearts and sometimes, the soul. (I told him that I want him to sing the blues for my loved ones when I pass away!)

He’s originally from Denver, Colorado…and after living in New Orleans for only a few months, he has grown in popularity and is performing twice as often than when he arrived in town just 7 months ago. He is standing out in the crowd of blues-singing-guitar-playing musicians! He’s doing his thing with passion. He’s getting noticed and getting paid.


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