Selling Something?

Do You Have Something to Sell?

All of us as human beings have Something To Sell…It may simply be our smile, our contagious laugh, a talent or a gift to share, or you make things with your hands. It matters little Who You Are. We all have something to offer the world to make it a better place.

It is my opinion that criminals and people who do harmful things as a routine, have failed to look within and find the God-given gift they are purposed to share with others. Therefore, they share the evil within, instead of the Good. And that is a shame. Because those evil thoughts and intents will follow them into all Eternity.

But for those of us who chose to search within for the Good things we have to share, our Eternal Life begins Here on Earth, as we plant seeds of love and hope.

Let this Holiday Season be one of Giving. I’m not thinking of things that money buys. Rather, I’m thinking that the Gifts that we cannot buy with money are the most precious and eternal.
Give someone what you have been given by God. Your Talent, Your Smile, Your contagious Laugh create memories that last forever!


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