That ‘Problem’ is actually an Illusion!

Struggling?        alone

Good news …Ready? Here it is:

The News Flash for today is: There are no such things as “problems.”

Your so-called problems are just an illusion. (!) 


Now that you have this piece of ‘good news’ you can move forward through life with only anticipation and excitement about the future and about your business-venture!

And since Opportunities often mask themselves as problems, and when we approach a situation as a ‘problem,’ negative thinking begins. And negative thinking always hinders progress.

My point? Sometimes, opportunities to re-invent yourself, or re-create your dream, mask themselves as so-called ‘problems.’ For instance, when the Artists’ Competition in my company was phased-out, it seemed to be a ‘problem’ for me, because I wanted to showcase my music with the company. But the ending of the Artist Contest actually forced me to develop a new pathway for my business endeavor…I opened a Collectibles Store, called CynthiaGarden Marketing and a new Business Opportunity presented itself to me, to do something I should have done years ago! This time, like in so many other instances, “the problem” was “the opportunity” in disguise. So, that said…

 Don’t let the situation that challenges you, discourage you. Flip the script. Turn it all around. And make it work For you. 



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