Feel Good with a Spiritual Flow

Peace and calm are the results of a Spiritual Flow.

When you are enjoying a task, whether it’s singing, playing an instrument, gardening or cooking…and you realize that you’ve “lost track of time,” you are what is called, “In the Flow.” This exercise of involvement in the task at hand allows you to forget about time, and enter into a timeless experience, that will, in future times, become a memory to cherish. It is only when you are into a Mindset of Involvement that time is meaningless: It really doesn’t matter how long the task takes to complete, because you are enjoying yourself.

We think of Spiritual Flow when we observe someone singing or dancing or playing an instrument. But This Mindset can occur anytime, to anyone, engaged in any pleasant activity.

Take the time, for instance, to observe nature. The next time you’re outside, observe the snow flakes in their intricate beauty; observe the green grass …how it feels, grows and looks in its original green color and pay close attention to the breeze! If you hear animals, take the time to enjoy the fact that you have that sense of hearing that allows you the awareness of your surroundings!struggle-now-triump-soon

It’s the little things that make life worthwhile.

Discover Peace and Calm today

  • in nature,
  • In a pleasant conversation
  • in any pleasant task,
  • in a child’s smile,
  • in a quiet moment alone…

Discover your Spiritual Flow, and enjoy it!