How to Learn to Sing in Perfect Pitch in 4 Simple Steps!

Some people can hear a song, and naturally, without any effort, match the pitch they hear, and sing along with the song… in perfect pitch. But for many other people, this is not an easy thing to do. 


This is referred to as being “tone-deaf.” Luckily, being tone-deaf is something that can be corrected! Anyone can learn how to sing on pitch, by perfecting only 2 important skills.

Singing canary

Before you sing, align your posture to allow the flow of air from your diaphram to your lungs, to the roof of your mouth.

Stand with your feet slightly apart,   singingfromdiaphram

  1. Inhale deeply
  2. and push on your diaphram with your closed fingertips. then
  3. Exhale deeply, feeling the air flow.

Concentrate on allowing the air to flow through the roof of your mouth, out through your nose.

This simple exercise will prepare you for what you will be doing as you sing a single note or a song!

singingfromdiaphram2NOW, before you start singing, you will need a digital tuner, a piano, or a guitar.

First Required Skill: PRACTICE.

Step 1: Select a musical note, (tone),  that is comfortable for your voice range, & play it repeatedly.

Step 2: Next, try to match that musical note with your voice.

Repeat steps 1-2.

Final Required Skill: LEARN SELF-AWARENESS. At this point, listening to yourself is crucial for correctness. (Try recording yourself with a recorder or on your Smartphone or computer’s microphone. Play back what you have sung. Keep it short and simple.)

musical scale

Step 3: Continue to match one musical note at a time.

Step 4: Match the notes in a major scale.

Now, all that is needed to do is….

singing3                Repeat Steps 1 – 4, over and over, and over…Practice more notes, and become more Self-Aware, (by listening to yourself, either with a recording device or in the shower!)

Practice makes perfect. Move slowly from musical scales to short songs.

Visualize the musical notes… perfectpitch1

Relax, breathe regularly,

singingfun…Enjoy yourself and have fun!  


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