No Greater Love (Free Music Video!)

Sometimes, life stirs-up a storm.

But when a storm arises in life, we have no choice but to go through it, and decide keep on going “through” it, until we reach the other side of it!

Know this:

* No matter what you’re facing in life,

* You can summon your courage

* and your will-power,

* And envision any goal you choose.

* You were born with this power!

That’s because of a free gift given to us by our Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ. The life He lived here on earth, His torturous death, and most importantly, His amazing Resurrection makes it possible. Father God created all of us in His image with free will; His perfect Son, Jesus, the Christ, empowered us with the examples of His Life; and the In-dwelling of His Holy Spirit reminds us daily that “all things are possible.”

This is the definition of true love, and there is none greater! Click for Free, uplifting video!

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