Take Another Look.

How does death change your perspective?

There was a time that I felt nothing but contempt and disrespect for my children’s father, (ex-husband), to be brutally honest.

Then, one day that all suddenly changed. You see, our oldest twin went out one evening, and did not come back home. The unthinkable happened to Me! My child died …In a car crash.

I remember sitting in the cemetery with my ex-husband, after everyone else was gone, just reminiscing about the son we shared. Later, we talked for hours, and I recall how uplifted I felt afterwards.

What changed?

Paul was gone. That’s all.

Nothing else matters now…Why, after all, we’re we so angry?

Death forced me to take another look at things, circumstances, people…Now, Only love remains.

I don’t understand how that happened, but now, 25 years later, we are true friends, and the contempt, bitterness & disrespect is just a bad, distant memory!

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