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Like to Hear Latest Music Songs? Know Some of These Differences First


latest music songs-sabakuch

Like to Hear Latest Music Songs? Think you know your music source well? Think again! Over the past few decades the music technology has undergone many physical changes. And, today we will be briefly looking at some key differences between those sources.

You must have come across the terms EP, LP, Album or Singles on social networking websites so many times that you may actually think that they all are the same.

Yes, you are somewhat right. But, technically you are wrong. So, if you like to hear latest music songs, then know some of these differences first. Because, next time when you buy your favorite track, you’ll know better what you are paying for.

  1. Single –

savage garden-singles-latest music songs

(Fig: Singles can also be more than one unreleased songs, put together in a disc)

  • A single is usually one song, and is released often as an appetizer for a greater body…

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How to Learn to Sing in Perfect Pitch in 4 Simple Steps!

Some people can hear a song, and naturally, without any effort, match the pitch they hear, and sing along with the song… in perfect pitch. But for many other people, this is not an easy thing to do. 


This is referred to as being “tone-deaf.” Luckily, being tone-deaf is something that can be corrected! Anyone can learn how to sing on pitch, by perfecting only 2 important skills.

Singing canary

Before you sing, align your posture to allow the flow of air from your diaphram to your lungs, to the roof of your mouth.

Stand with your feet slightly apart,   singingfromdiaphram

  1. Inhale deeply
  2. and push on your diaphram with your closed fingertips. then
  3. Exhale deeply, feeling the air flow.

Concentrate on allowing the air to flow through the roof of your mouth, out through your nose.

This simple exercise will prepare you for what you will be doing as you sing a single note or a song!

singingfromdiaphram2NOW, before you start singing, you will need a digital tuner, a piano, or a guitar.

First Required Skill: PRACTICE.

Step 1: Select a musical note, (tone),  that is comfortable for your voice range, & play it repeatedly.

Step 2: Next, try to match that musical note with your voice.

Repeat steps 1-2.

Final Required Skill: LEARN SELF-AWARENESS. At this point, listening to yourself is crucial for correctness. (Try recording yourself with a recorder or on your Smartphone or computer’s microphone. Play back what you have sung. Keep it short and simple.)

musical scale

Step 3: Continue to match one musical note at a time.

Step 4: Match the notes in a major scale.

Now, all that is needed to do is….

singing3                Repeat Steps 1 – 4, over and over, and over…Practice more notes, and become more Self-Aware, (by listening to yourself, either with a recording device or in the shower!)

Practice makes perfect. Move slowly from musical scales to short songs.

Visualize the musical notes… perfectpitch1

Relax, breathe regularly,

singingfun…Enjoy yourself and have fun!  

Making the Most of Your Time

The 90th Psalm begins like this: “Lord, You have been our dwelling place throughout all generations. Before the earth or the mountains were brought forth, even  from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.”

This Psalm, like so many others, addresses the fact that God is eternal.

(“A thousand years, in the sight of God, are comparable to a man’s consideration of ‘yesterday, when it has passed…”)

      Time is a stage, where man is the actor. And man acts like:

1. “I don’t have time.” (How true: Time does not belong to us):
2. “We’re running out of time,” (even though the hands on the clock will continue to move, continually):
3. “Time’s up,” (as if we have control over actually ending time.)



Fact is…
Time is a gift from God and it’s entrusted to humanity.

What are you doing with Your time?

Feel Good with a Spiritual Flow

Peace and calm are the results of a Spiritual Flow.

When you are enjoying a task, whether it’s singing, playing an instrument, gardening or cooking…and you realize that you’ve “lost track of time,” you are what is called, “In the Flow.” This exercise of involvement in the task at hand allows you to forget about time, and enter into a timeless experience, that will, in future times, become a memory to cherish. It is only when you are into a Mindset of Involvement that time is meaningless: It really doesn’t matter how long the task takes to complete, because you are enjoying yourself.

We think of Spiritual Flow when we observe someone singing or dancing or playing an instrument. But This Mindset can occur anytime, to anyone, engaged in any pleasant activity.

Take the time, for instance, to observe nature. The next time you’re outside, observe the snow flakes in their intricate beauty; observe the green grass …how it feels, grows and looks in its original green color and pay close attention to the breeze! If you hear animals, take the time to enjoy the fact that you have that sense of hearing that allows you the awareness of your surroundings!struggle-now-triump-soon

It’s the little things that make life worthwhile.

Discover Peace and Calm today

  • in nature,
  • In a pleasant conversation
  • in any pleasant task,
  • in a child’s smile,
  • in a quiet moment alone…

Discover your Spiritual Flow, and enjoy it!

That ‘Problem’ is actually an Illusion!

Struggling?        alone

Good news …Ready? Here it is:

The News Flash for today is: There are no such things as “problems.”

Your so-called problems are just an illusion. (!) 


Now that you have this piece of ‘good news’ you can move forward through life with only anticipation and excitement about the future and about your business-venture!

And since Opportunities often mask themselves as problems, and when we approach a situation as a ‘problem,’ negative thinking begins. And negative thinking always hinders progress.

My point? Sometimes, opportunities to re-invent yourself, or re-create your dream, mask themselves as so-called ‘problems.’ For instance, when the Artists’ Competition in my company was phased-out, it seemed to be a ‘problem’ for me, because I wanted to showcase my music with the company. But the ending of the Artist Contest actually forced me to develop a new pathway for my business endeavor…I opened a Collectibles Store, called CynthiaGarden Marketing and a new Business Opportunity presented itself to me, to do something I should have done years ago! This time, like in so many other instances, “the problem” was “the opportunity” in disguise. So, that said…

 Don’t let the situation that challenges you, discourage you. Flip the script. Turn it all around. And make it work For you. 


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Passion in Music Makes Memories!


When you are telling someone about you’re your favorite restaurant, or an excellent meal you’ve just had, or a movie that excited you,   you are most likely showing passion for that thing you’re talking about. Almost No One talks about what they are passionate about like they’re reporting a boring news story.

 Passion is magnetic. It actually draws a person, and gets their attention. It makes the moment A Memory…something to think about later  that makes you smile!

 With all the things going on around us everyday, there are lots of distractions that can weaken a person’s ability to remember details about a conversation or interaction, unless it’s unpleasant. We tend to remember those!

But when you are excited about what you’re doing, and show that you are excited, show that you love what you are doing, doing whatever it is with Passion, It’s Hard to Forget!

Case in point: I’m not a Honky-Tonk fan. I love music, and just about all Genres of Music. But Honky-Tonk has never been at the top of my list. But one night, I was visiting the local Bar & Grill, and there was a Honky-Tonk Musician on the stage. And I will never forget him. (Surprise!) He was so “for real,” on point, enjoying what he was doing …I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him, or even continue a conversation while he was playing. That was simply amazing to me!

That is proof, that you can Be Remembered, Appreciated & Create a fond Memory…(and Get Paid, too), if you Do What You Do With Passion.

You Are Who you Think You Are


There is a saying in the Bible that says that “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

That is so true. If you think like a failure, you will fail. If you think you are a success, you will succeed. Simple.

But “thinking” goes deeper than mind-action. You have to live like it, too. Although you may feel defeated, smile.

Even though your bank account says $0, act like you have money.

Sometimes it’s difficult, but press your way. It’s Worth It!

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