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  • Time Out. Praise Break!

    Time Out. Praise Break!

    When a raging storms arose in my life, I handled it like most people: I screamed and cried, and screamed some more, then, sat down and cried some more. By the days’ end, my eyes were swollen & blood-shot. My head hurt, and I didn’t want to talk to anybody! But, then the morning came,…

  • Where is the Trust?

    When you’ve been betrayed, it’s hard to trust anyone! Yea, I know that this post is starting out rough, but truth is: that’s life! Then, if you ever get to the point of letting your guard down, and trusting someone again, just to be betrayed a second time, you promise yourself that you will never…

  • If You Wait, You Win!

    If You Wait, You Win!
  • The Secret to Joy

    The Secret to Joy

    The SECRET to Joy is believing in this TRUTH – and focusing on this TRUTH… When you believe & focus, you can command that which you desire. With the Power you have summoned, & with clarity of mind, you can begin to plan and you can make insightful decisions with calmness and stable resolution! Tap…

  • How Many Ways Can I Say Thank You?

    It seems that Life is a crazy circle. The acts of care and kindness that you show have a crazy way of circling-back. So, if anyone has shown you love or concern, speak love and appreciation back to them.

  • Why Change?

    Why Change?

    You ask, “Why should I change? Everything is fine.” But the reality is, ‘everything’ is not fine. Having to face the realities of conflict, chaos, confusion, jealousy, bitterness, resentment & depression is a painful thing …without even considering all those other feelings! I remember sitting on the couch in my parents’ living-room, with tears rolling…

  • This “Elephant in the Room” is Hurting You!

    This “Elephant in the Room” is Hurting You!

    Now that things seem to be getting back to some-sort-of normalcy, with the vaccine becoming more readily available to more people, and with the Stimulus Relief in the U.S. that we’re all expecting in some form or another… …Let’s talk about the elephant that seems to Still be in the room: Worry will wear you…

  • For the Children’s Sake!

    For the Children’s Sake!

    The fact is… … Everybody who is alive today, in what ever situation or condition, has the power to make a difference for the hope of the world! Some things we need, and some things we don’t need! For a secure and happy future, making a difference matters. Flint has a message for you, with…