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What are the benefits of singing?

  • Relieves stress. Singing appears to be a stress-reliever. …
  • Stimulates the immune response. …
  • Increases pain threshold. …
  • May improve snoring. …
  • Improves lung function. …
  • Develops a sense of belonging and connection. …
  • Enhances memory in people with dementia. …
  • Helps with grief.

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    “Your voice Sounds good”…or “You sound terrible!” .. Sing Anyway! As the Universal Language, music has the ability to, not only heal, but to unite! As a matter of fact, in the U.S. alone, in later-2021, the term “music” was searched-for 50% more than the terms “wellness” or “health.” Healthline Report Ad Learn to sing like a contestant on ”The Voice!” 14-day Free trial… Cancel anytime Learn the singer’s breath Develop vocal power Build confidence
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  • Sing for Your Life!
    Just like the expression, ”Run for your life,” can potentially save your life, that also holds true for singing!According to the latest news from, singing can produce such health benefits that can enhance the moment, improve your environment and remove negative energy in a way that few other easy-to-do, Free-to-do activities can! Find out more, then start singing for a better life!
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    Listen! A change of heart & mind can change Everything! All I need is another chance! Sometimes I feel like giving up It seems like my best just ain’t good enough Lord, if You hear me, I’m calling You Do You see, do You care all about what I’m going through?
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    There are times when life gets so complicated that I find myself throwing up my hands, and crying out, “I just don’t know what to do!” I’ll find a place where I can be alone & listen to a song or two. I’ll look for an opportunity to be alone, & plug my ears with some music! I’ll search for a place-and-time where I can be alone & sing to myself! Then, I’ll find a reason to be thankful. That’s all I can do at the moment.