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  • No Greater Love (Free Music Video!)

    No Greater Love (Free Music Video!)

    Sometimes, life stirs-up a storm. But when a storm arises in life, we have no choice but to go through it, and decide keep on going “through” it, until we reach the other side of it! Know this: * No matter what you’re facing in life, * You can summon your courage * and your…

  • The Search for Real Joy!

    The Search for Real Joy!

    “Never been so free Caught in your love for me I never been more secure Knowing your heart, Lord (so glad he loves me)…”

  • Where is the Trust?

    When you’ve been betrayed, it’s hard to trust anyone! Yea, I know that this post is starting out rough, but truth is: that’s life! Then, if you ever get to the point of letting your guard down, and trusting someone again, just to be betrayed a second time, you promise yourself that you will never…

  • The Secret to Joy

    The Secret to Joy

    The SECRET to Joy is believing in this TRUTH – and focusing on this TRUTH… When you believe & focus, you can command that which you desire. With the Power you have summoned, & with clarity of mind, you can begin to plan and you can make insightful decisions with calmness and stable resolution! Tap…

  • Time Is (What it is)

    Time Is (What it is)

    What does time mean to you? How important is it? How are you using it?

  • How to Be Happy

    https://1drv.ms/b/s!AgfBUBjctf04mGHLWR-Qm65a7UFo?e=06rpRh #changeyourmindchangeyourlife

  • Ageless Body! A Profound Article by Deepak Chopra


  • Use the Power of Your Words to Change Your Life!

    Use the Power of Your Words to Change Your Life!

    Free and powerful download from Dr. Jacki Jones, that will change your life, starting today!

  • One Step at a Time: Time and Illusion

    One Step at a Time: Time and Illusion

    Listen! A change of heart & mind can change Everything! https://youtu.be/l0skD7d3usw All I need is another chance! Sometimes I feel like giving up It seems like my best just ain’t good enough Lord, if You hear me, I’m calling You Do You see, do You care all about what I’m going through?

  • What to Do When You “Don’t know what to do.”

    What to Do When You “Don’t know what to do.”

    There are times when life gets so complicated that I find myself throwing up my hands, and crying out, “I just don’t know what to do!” I’ll find a place where I can be alone & listen to a song or two. I’ll look for an opportunity to be alone, & plug my ears with…