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  • Time Out. Praise Break!

    Time Out. Praise Break!

    When a raging storms arose in my life, I handled it like most people: I screamed and cried, and screamed some more, then, sat down and cried some more. By the days’ end, my eyes were swollen & blood-shot. My head hurt, and I didn’t want to talk to anybody! But, then the morning came,…

  • The Search for Real Joy!

    The Search for Real Joy!

    “Never been so free Caught in your love for me I never been more secure Knowing your heart, Lord (so glad he loves me)…”

  • Waiting


    ‘I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning.’ Psalm 130.6 The way that this verse puts together these two concepts of waiting for … Waiting – Read more! It’s not always easy. In fact, it’s hardly ever easy! Personally, I hate waiting! But inside “the discipline of delay,” so many wonderful…

  • Time Is (What it is)

    Time Is (What it is)

    What does time mean to you? How important is it? How are you using it?

  • Seeking a Change in Your Life?

    Hey, join me at “Discover” on the Spaces by Wix app to read “7 easy ways to think positive and change your life” and more posts on the go. Join with this link: http://wix.to/W0ZUI4B?ref=2_m_so. Got the app? Use the invite code: PXGNHW This is powerful!

  • How Do You React When All is Not Well?

    music.youtube.com/watch Watch what’s happening to our young generation right now. You may be surprised!

  • You’ll Be Surprised How Singing Benefits Your Health!

    You’ll Be Surprised How Singing Benefits Your Health!

    “Your voice Sounds good”…or “You sound terrible!” .. Sing Anyway! As the Universal Language, music has the ability to, not only heal, but to unite! As a matter of fact, in the U.S. alone, in later-2021, the term “music” was searched-for 50% more than the terms “wellness” or “health.” Healthline Report Ad Learn to sing…

  • Use the Power of Your Words to Change Your Life!

    Use the Power of Your Words to Change Your Life!

    Free and powerful download from Dr. Jacki Jones, that will change your life, starting today!

  • Sing for Your Life!

    Sing for Your Life!

    Just like the expression, ”Run for your life,” can potentially save your life, that also holds true for singing!According to the latest news from Healthline.com, singing can produce such health benefits that can enhance the moment, improve your environment and remove negative energy in a way that few other easy-to-do, Free-to-do activities can! Find out…

  • One Step at a Time: Time and Illusion

    One Step at a Time: Time and Illusion

    Listen! A change of heart & mind can change Everything! https://youtu.be/l0skD7d3usw All I need is another chance! Sometimes I feel like giving up It seems like my best just ain’t good enough Lord, if You hear me, I’m calling You Do You see, do You care all about what I’m going through?