Need a Break? Unwind, Relax, & Leave Your Cares Behind at Festival Just For You!

Let’s face it…Life can be extremely challenging, with the broadcast news, the boss and the job, that hectic commute, the kids, money problems, distress, stress, the crazy, unpredictable weather…(Need I go on?!)

Sometimes you need a break from it all…just to clear your mind, renew your spirit and uplift your soul!

Life is a huge challenge, but life can also be wonderful and celebrated.

In my hometown, we do something…on a regular basis…to unite, restore & rejuvenate the entire community.

We celebrate life and one another, with festivals that commemorate every aspect of life that is. This is something we do here, in my hometown, that makes it all bearable, and downright enjoyable.

We party!

We celebrate life and one another, with festivals that commemorate every aspect of life and all the good that life brings.

Our parties have a purpose, and are designed around the talents and uniqueness that makes us who we are as a community. In fact, our celebration brings to the community…

…a festival designed with “you” in mind!
Yep —
… We’ve got a different festival almost every week of the year!
So, c’mon down to our hometown, and unwind and forget your cares & troubles…
…at a festival just for you!

Using Music to Relieve Tension & Stress

adult beard countryside guitar

Music can transport you to another place!

Tense? Stressed? Worried? Tired?

Not sleeping well?

Take a minute to just breathe & relax.

Concentrate on a soothing, glowing, warm light radiating from your heart out into the world, then that same light returning again to your heart!

You deserve the best life has to offer. So, simply accept the gift of a better life, claim it, & act as though you are the Receiver of the Best of Lifesingout

Use music, whenever & where ever you can, to soothe tension and stress. It’s all around us and vibrates through us. Turn it on!

Singing canary

Stress, tension, confusion, fatigue, are all by-products of Sleep-Deprivation. If you’re not sleeping well, you can use music to help you to relax and fall asleep!


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Singing to Relieve Stress

Music, as we all know, is THE Universal language. It can soothe the savage! That said…

Singing can have a profound effect on how we feel. singout


There are people who don’t have a beautiful, melodious voice. Actually, my daddy sounded terrible!

But he loved to sing, nevertheless. He’d confine himself to the shower, or the bedroom with the door closed. 


But the breathing that’s involved, the thought process to get the words (almost) right, and just the thought of a melody in your head, will reduce your stress-level, and elevate your spirit.

Try it…  

…Any song will do!