We Can Heal Our World. Here’s How!

Quote: “Our world is a joint creation. We have the power…[and we, each, have a profound affect] on those around us!” From, “Healing Our World” by Mary Ruwart When we try to control others, we ourselves, become the Controlled. Like a stone thrown into a quiet pond, our actions and reactions have a rippling affectContinue reading “We Can Heal Our World. Here’s How!”

Preparing For Waves of Transformation

Preparing For Waves of Transformation https://jmwiehl.wordpress.com/2019/10/09/preparing-for-waves-of-transformation/ — Read on jmwiehl.wordpress.com/2019/10/09/preparing-for-waves-of-transformation/ Sometimes, hard times are an indication that it’s time for a change. Prepare for your transformation, because everything happens for a reason!

Meditate for a Better Life!

Prime your mind. In less than 5 minutes, start your new life…one that is stress-free, successful, and filled with joy. Take the 7-day challenge! Life can only get better! Go now, to: (Free download!) s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/sevenmmindfulness-downloads/mind-soul-cleanse-primmymind2019.pdf

Using Music to Relieve Tension & Stress

Tense? Stressed? Worried? Tired? Not sleeping well? Take a minute to just breathe & relax. Concentrate on a soothing, glowing, warm light radiating from your heart out into the world, then that same light returning again to your heart! You deserve the best life has to offer. So, simply accept the gift of a betterContinue reading “Using Music to Relieve Tension & Stress”

Singing to Relieve Stress

Music, as we all know, is THE Universal language. It can soothe the savage! That said… Singing can have a profound effect on how we feel.    There are people who don’t have a beautiful, melodious voice. Actually, my daddy sounded terrible! But he loved to sing, nevertheless. He’d confine himself to the shower, orContinue reading “Singing to Relieve Stress”