About Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew  Productions began as a tribute to my father, Andrew Gilmore, who encouraged me to sing and play the piano…not only with skill, but with a purpose to inspire and encourage Others. Then, I began to really enjoy it and to make money with it. I created a business center to teach children, teens, & yes, Seniors, to sing and play the piano, with the purpose of developing their self-esteem, and self-sufficiency through either self-employment in music, art, or business, or for relaxation & therapeutic reasons.

Sermons prepared and preached in Worship,
by the late Rev. Andrew W. Gilmore can be viewed by clicking this link. 
More added weekly!

My father taught me that a person is never too young to earn money and learn to save and be independent, & never too old to learn, create & re-create! The emphasis is on achievement of skills, the attainment of excellence, & enjoyment of life.

I encourage the youth of our community to vent their frustrations and even their fears and anger, though the out-pouring and out-flow of their talent to the world around them. “Show them what you’ve got!” I tell them that if they have something to offer, they can and Will prosper. And as the young lady or young man begins to act or sing out that which is inside their hearts, they begin to feel better about themselves and the world. From That point, they Create a life of power and enrichment.

I live in a community that is culturally rich. There are many problems in our city, and although Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of our community years ago, that experience alone, has enhanced a lot of things. It has made our children stronger, our seniors more alert, & the entire community more resilient, wiser, and braver. We have a lot to share with the world about material possessions, matters of the heart, and the True needs of the Soul.



Reverend Andrew W. Gilmore (Daddy)


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