About Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew  Productions began as a tribute to my father, Andrew Gilmore, who encouraged me to sing and play the piano…not only with skill, but with a purpose to inspire and encourage others.
Reverend Andrew W. Gilmore (Daddy)
But then, as I grew into adult-hood, I began to really enjoy it and to make money with it. I created a business center to teach children, teens, & yes, Seniors, to sing and play the piano, with the purpose of developing their self-esteem, and self-sufficiency through either self-employment in music, art, or business, or for relaxation & therapeutic reasons.
Daddy calls her “Li’l Winnie”
My father taught me that a person is never too young to earn money and learn to save and be independent, & never too old to learn, create & re-create! The emphasis is on achievement of skills, the attainment of excellence, & enjoyment of life.

“When I work with children I encourage them to vent their frustrations and even their fears & anger, through the out-pouring & out-flow of their talent to the world around them. I tell them, ‘Show them what you’ve got!’

I tell them that if they have something to offer, they can and Will prosper in this life! And as the young person begins to act- or sing-out that which is inside their hearts, they begin to feel better about themselves and the world!  From That point, forward, they Create a life of power and enrichment!”

I live in a community that is culturally rich. There are many problems in our city, and although Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of our community years ago, that experience alone, has enhanced a lot of things.

It has made our children stronger, our seniors more alert, & the entire community more resilient, wiser, and braver. We have a lot to share with the world about material possessions, matters of the heart, and the True needs of the Soul.


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