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  • What’s Love Got to do with It? (Free Christian Music!)

    What’s Love Got to do with It? (Free Christian Music!)

    Sometimes people are nice to me for purely selfish reasons. I was a middle-aged adult when I made this discovery! Then, there are times, when someone will be kind, and I am expecting the worse, but the best thing, instead, happens…They’re being kind Just to be kind! …That’s because there are all kinds of people…

  • How Many Ways Can I Say Thank You?

    It seems that Life is a crazy circle. The acts of care and kindness that you show have a crazy way of circling-back. So, if anyone has shown you love or concern, speak love and appreciation back to them.

  • The Key to Surviving Life is Not So “Hidden.”

    There is no great mystery to surviving daily challenges that make you shudder or cringe or cry! I heard this about 50 years ago, and it stuck. It also, saved my life!

  • For the Children’s Sake!

    For the Children’s Sake!

    The fact is… … Everybody who is alive today, in what ever situation or condition, has the power to make a difference for the hope of the world! Some things we need, and some things we don’t need! For a secure and happy future, making a difference matters. Flint has a message for you, with…