One Step at a Time: Time and Illusion

Listen! A change of heart & mind can change Everything!

All I need is another chance!

Sometimes I feel like giving up

It seems like my best just ain’t good enough

Lord, if You hear me, I’m calling You

Do You see, do You care all about what I’m going through?

Help me, Lord. I just need one more chance to take one more step.

What to Do When You “Don’t know what to do.”

There are times when life gets so complicated that I find myself throwing up my hands, and crying out, “I just don’t know what to do!”

  • I’ll find a place where I can be alone & listen to a song or two.
  • I’ll look for an opportunity to be alone, & plug my ears with some music!
  • I’ll search for a place-and-time where I can be alone & sing to myself!

Then, I’ll find a reason to be thankful.

That’s all I can do at the moment.

Psalms 118:26

Courage in Chaos ~ How to Have it.

There is so much to worry about these days. It’s hard to find the space on a sheet of 8×10 paper to list it all.

I’ve heard that there is no God. If there was a God, why would the world be in such a mess?

Truth is… there is a God, and what’s more, there IS a loving God. He’s the kind of Loving Father Who will not force or impose His will on mankind that He created. Instead, He created us in His image, with a will of our Own!

So…some of us want to love, and some want to hate.

Some want to build, and some want to burn.

Some want to share, and some want to covet & take & steal.


We each, Have a God-given choice.

This Christmas, let’s do something different. Let’s choose to change our minds about Who God Is … and change our hearts to believe in Something Greater than ourselves!

This will bring JOY, HOPE & COURAGE.

The world is what mankind has made it, with its diseases, hunger, drastic climate changes, filth, crime and death.

Choose to forgive. Choose to believe. Choose to be brave.

Choose Love!

This One Action Can Effect Your Entire Day!

Look Up! What Do You See?

Two people looking up at the clouds in the sky, will see Two very different formations in the same clouds! How is this possible?

When you look at the sky, you will see that cloud-formations look differently to every other person, although they are looking at the same thing. Stars, Cloud-formations, and many other sky phenomena appear differently to different people.

It’s wonderful…

Our sky is full of awe, so if you’re down…Look up!

Think about the amazement of a meteor that survives its passage through the earth’s atmosphere … and such that strikes the ground for our enjoyment!

A young child might imagine seeing Santa & his reindeer streaking across the winter, Christmas-Eve night sky! Can you imagine the “wonder?’

Next time you’re feeling down,

stop …take some time…and look up!