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Sing it out loud! “I am ….”






















Singing to Relieve Stress

Music, as we all know, is THE Universal language. It can soothe the savage! That said…

Singing can have a profound effect on how we feel. singout


There are people who don’t have a beautiful, melodious voice. Actually, my daddy sounded terrible!

But he loved to sing, nevertheless. He’d confine himself to the shower, or the bedroom with the door closed. 


But the breathing that’s involved, the thought process to get the words (almost) right, and just the thought of a melody in your head, will reduce your stress-level, and elevate your spirit.

Try it…  

…Any song will do!







Overcoming Fear: The Power of the Law of Attraction

There’s a simple way to overcoming fear of singing in public, and using a microphone to amplify your Vocal Gift!


This is what happened to me…


Time: 1968

Place: New Orleans, LA

Sitting in the back row of the choir, one day, I began to daydream about being in front of the microphone, singing to a crowd.

I listened and enjoyed the soloist, as she led the choir in rehearsal, and looked forward to Sunday morning, when we’d all get to “show-off” our talents!


After rehearsal, I went home, went into my bedroom, closed the door, and stood in front of the mirror, holding my hair brush as though it were a microphone. Then I got an idea… 

I chose my favorite album, put it on the Hi-Fi,

…and when the music began, I resumed my place in front of the mirror, holding my hair brush, and singing my heart out! No fear. No worries, or cares about how I sounded. Just free, carefree, joyous singing. 


Before long, the bedroom door opened. Only, I didn’t hear it, nor did I hear anyone enter the room. Instead, I continued to sing, as my intruder took a quiet seat on the side of my bed.

When the song ended, I heard, “That was lovely.” perfectpitch1

I turned in surprise, and all I could manage to say was, “Mama!”   I don’t know if I was embarrassed, or just annoyed.

But after hiding for so long, the very thing I wanted to share,

…here’s what I discovered.


      …the power of belief works to attract into our reality, those things that we think about! 

 (Remember, I had been daydreaming about singing in front of others, without fear or hesitation!)

“What things so ever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Saint Mark 11:24

Do you Have a deep desire? 

Try God. Believe. Pray….Be Grateful. Then… 

Do this:

  1. Write down on paper the thing you want.
  2. Turn the paper onto the other side, & list steps toward making it happen…leaving space between each step.
  3. Now, go through each step, & fill-in the details that need to happen to make each step occur.
  4. …AND now
  • Find a song you like.
  • Find a place to rehearse, alone.
  • Find someone you trust to listen to you sing the song.
  • Record yourself.
  • Tell someone about your recording!
  • Remind yourself that you CAN do all things through Christ, Who gives you strength.
  • Repeat.


If you truly believe that you have already received the thing you desire, your actions will reflect it.  (This rule, actually, refers to everything! That’s how the Law of Attraction works!)

Think it, Do it, & Have it!



The Problem with Change

{a little background}

As you may know, I'm an affiliate marketer. I work from home, promoting the products & services of others, and get paid a commission every month on the sales that I generate.

With the recent company changes in my affiliate marketing program, my blog, along with the ads on the blog, have to be changed. Not only that, but the content I have written, and saved for later posts, have to be re-written. The flyers that I made last year, that I send in the mail with my bills, have to be changed as well. What else? Let me think. Is that everything? 

Seems like I did this same “over-haul” of my ad campaigns not so long ago, because another program had been discontinued, and things were being re-arranged in the program.

Yep, this feels like a repeat…

But is it, really?

Sometimes, things looks similar on the surface, but when you take the time to take a closer look, they aren’t the same at all.

First of all, what looks like a problem is really an opportunity. The challenge that it brings also brings with it, Growth. So, it’s not really a problem at all. Turns out, it’s a gift!

Now you can see how our perceptions make a huge difference in our feelings? And our feelings make a big difference in our actions!

Secondly, and most importantly, most of the time, if you’re working with a company that has a track record of success, you’ll discover that the changes are actually improvements on something that was already “good.” Now, with the changes, things are better, and end up being “much better” in the long run!

Yea, it’s a lot of work, but the rewards are great and far-reaching. The first time that I remember having to do things differently, I remember being excited about the new flyers, the new webpages, and the new blog material. I even incorporated new artwork into the mix!

This time, it’s going to be great! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to get started. Why?

Glad you asked.

Because “new” is often better…especially when it’s carefully researched & crafted, accompanied by self-motivation to improve, mixed with creative energy. This is an awesome mixture for success…always improving.

This situation, the one that involves “more …

…work”, ultimately, is your big chance. You ultimately, have complete control over what happens next. 

As long as you accept the challenge of change, you will grow and improve.

Things can only get better! 

Like to Hear Latest Music Songs? Know Some of These Differences First

latest music songs-sabakuch

Like to Hear Latest Music Songs? Think you know your music source well? Think again! Over the past few decades the music technology has undergone many physical changes. And, today we will be briefly looking at some key differences between those sources.

You must have come across the terms EP, LP, Album or Singles on social networking websites so many times that you may actually think that they all are the same.

Yes, you are somewhat right. But, technically you are wrong. So, if you like to hear latest music songs, then know some of these differences first. Because, next time when you buy your favorite track, you’ll know better what you are paying for.

  1. Single –

savage garden-singles-latest music songs

(Fig: Singles can also be more than one unreleased songs, put together in a disc)

  • A single is usually one song, and is released often as an appetizer for a greater body…

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How to Learn to Sing in Perfect Pitch in 4 Simple Steps!

Some people can hear a song, and naturally, without any effort, match the pitch they hear, and sing along with the song… in perfect pitch. But for many other people, this is not an easy thing to do. 


This is referred to as being “tone-deaf.” Luckily, being tone-deaf is something that can be corrected! Anyone can learn how to sing on pitch, by perfecting only 2 important skills.

Singing canary

Before you sing, align your posture to allow the flow of air from your diaphram to your lungs, to the roof of your mouth.

Stand with your feet slightly apart,   singingfromdiaphram

  1. Inhale deeply
  2. and push on your diaphram with your closed fingertips. then
  3. Exhale deeply, feeling the air flow.

Concentrate on allowing the air to flow through the roof of your mouth, out through your nose.

This simple exercise will prepare you for what you will be doing as you sing a single note or a song!

singingfromdiaphram2NOW, before you start singing, you will need a digital tuner, a piano, or a guitar.

First Required Skill: PRACTICE.

Step 1: Select a musical note, (tone),  that is comfortable for your voice range, & play it repeatedly.

Step 2: Next, try to match that musical note with your voice.

Repeat steps 1-2.

Final Required Skill: LEARN SELF-AWARENESS. At this point, listening to yourself is crucial for correctness. (Try recording yourself with a recorder or on your Smartphone or computer’s microphone. Play back what you have sung. Keep it short and simple.)

musical scale

Step 3: Continue to match one musical note at a time.

Step 4: Match the notes in a major scale.

Now, all that is needed to do is….

singing3                Repeat Steps 1 – 4, over and over, and over…Practice more notes, and become more Self-Aware, (by listening to yourself, either with a recording device or in the shower!)

Practice makes perfect. Move slowly from musical scales to short songs.

Visualize the musical notes… perfectpitch1

Relax, breathe regularly,

singingfun…Enjoy yourself and have fun!  

Making the Most of Your Time

The 90th Psalm begins like this: “Lord, You have been our dwelling place throughout all generations. Before the earth or the mountains were brought forth, even  from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.”

This Psalm, like so many others, addresses the fact that God is eternal.

(“A thousand years, in the sight of God, are comparable to a man’s consideration of ‘yesterday, when it has passed…”)

      Time is a stage, where man is the actor. And man acts like:

1. “I don’t have time.” (How true: Time does not belong to us):
2. “We’re running out of time,” (even though the hands on the clock will continue to move, continually):
3. “Time’s up,” (as if we have control over actually ending time.)



Fact is…
Time is a gift from God and it’s entrusted to humanity.

What are you doing with Your time?