This One Action Can Effect Your Entire Day!

Look Up! What Do You See?

Two people looking up at the clouds in the sky, will see Two very different formations in the same clouds! How is this possible?

When you look at the sky, you will see that cloud-formations look differently to every other person, although they are looking at the same thing. Stars, Cloud-formations, and many other sky phenomena appear differently to different people.

It’s wonderful…

Our sky is full of awe, so if you’re down…Look up!

Think about the amazement of a meteor that survives its passage through the earth’s atmosphere … and such that strikes the ground for our enjoyment!

A young child might imagine seeing Santa & his reindeer streaking across the winter, Christmas-Eve night sky! Can you imagine the “wonder?’

Next time you’re feeling down,

stop …take some time…and look up!


Why Change?

You ask, “Why should I change? Everything is fine.”

But the reality is, ‘everything’ is not fine.

Having to face the realities of conflict, chaos, confusion, jealousy, bitterness, resentment & depression is a painful thing …without even considering all those other feelings!

Photo by Alexander Dummer on

I remember sitting on the couch in my parents’ living-room, with tears rolling down my face, my heart racing, my ears burning, and that anxious desire to jump up and run out of the door!

But I needed them to understand me! And, what’s more, they needed me to understand them.

It was urgent enough for me to stay and work it out, so that I could sleep better, laugh at jokes again, and to free myself from the cage of anger where I had lived for years!

Now, years later, I realize that the lessons I learned from my parents are invaluable to my success! I am actually living the life of my dreams! I’m happy, not that I don’t have problems, aches & pains. But I have succeeded at what I wanted to accomplish, with the motivation to experience more and new, and create and re-create…That’s where I live everyday!

Now I realize that change is often a good thing, because it leads to growth!

Maybe this is why you should change!

When we accept the need to make a change, we open the window to possibilities beyond what we know.

Why change? It could be that you will actually feel a ‘rush’ of ‘new air’ as you inhale a refreshing renewal of spirit!

This “Elephant in the Room” is Hurting You!

Now that things seem to be getting back to some-sort-of normalcy, with the vaccine becoming more readily available to more people, and with the Stimulus Relief in the U.S. that we’re all expecting in some form or another…

…Let’s talk about the elephant that seems to Still be in the room:

Worry will wear you out! Worry is taking up your time, your energy, and it’s actually hurting you.

Take the time, instead, to reflect on the Unchangeable Constant, those things that bring Hope along with just being there! Like, the fact that the days are still rolling on, and you’ve survived this far! Face it…millions didn’t make it, but you were one of the ones who did!

…And don’t forget, if you have clean, running water, you are blessed! Water is always good for your body. So, if you are fortunate enough to have it, Use it, Enjoy it!

And then, there’s the smile of a loved-one. There’s the hope that a new day brings!


Show Love to somebody today!

Next time you start to worry about Anything…just remember…Worry is Not your friend. Walk away from worry…

  • With a prayer
  • With a phone call
  • With a song
  • With a silly commercial jingle
  • With a positive conversation
  • With a cool glass of water
  • With hope in your heart!

What my Father Taught Me

If it weren’t for my father, Andrew, I would not know the things that are providing my survival, support and even my income today!

Those hard lessons,

  • like playing the piano even through a headache and sometimes, tears…
  • or cleaning the house until there is no dust to be found…
  • and saying “thank you,” and “please” to people that I don’t like…

Those are the kinds of disciplinary lessons my father insisted I learn. And…What’s more, those are the things that assure my survival in 2021 and beyond!

He was my spiritual teacher, introducing me to God and teaching me how to follow Jesus for a successful & joyful life!