Whose Every Word is a Promise that They Keep? Know Anyone like that?


When my strength is just not enough, I’ve got a Friend Who will never stop fighting for me!

Need a Break? Unwind, Relax, & Leave Your Cares Behind at Festival Just For You!

Let’s face it…Life can be extremely challenging, with the broadcast news, the boss and the job, that hectic commute, the kids, money problems, distress, stress, the crazy, unpredictable weather…(Need I go on?!)

Sometimes you need a break from it all…just to clear your mind, renew your spirit and uplift your soul!

Life is a huge challenge, but life can also be wonderful and celebrated.

In my hometown, we do something…on a regular basis…to unite, restore & rejuvenate the entire community.

We celebrate life and one another, with festivals that commemorate every aspect of life that is. This is something we do here, in my hometown, that makes it all bearable, and downright enjoyable.

We party!

We celebrate life and one another, with festivals that commemorate every aspect of life and all the good that life brings.

Our parties have a purpose, and are designed around the talents and uniqueness that makes us who we are as a community. In fact, our celebration brings to the community…

…a festival designed with “you” in mind!
Yep —
… We’ve got a different festival almost every week of the year!
So, c’mon down to our hometown, and unwind and forget your cares & troubles…
…at a festival just for you!

Why Background Noise is Good, (Sometimes)

Too much background noise? Do you suffer from noise overload sometimes? Confusion, mis-information, headaches, aggravation, frustration, are all by-products of the “wrong” kind of background noise!


But what about the “right” kind of background noise? I mean, the kind that settles you, changes the mood in the room, relaxes your mind, makes you want to just relax!?

Background music can be therapeutic, relaxing, even help you fall asleep. But it has to be the “right” sound. It has to fit.

Spotify and Soundcloud are crammed with music of all genres for all occasions!

When we’re expecting company over for dinner, I’ll often do a quick search on Youtube or Google for easy downloads. The selection is awesome!